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  • 1 detailed stock recommendation every month based on Value (Warren Buffet’s principles).
  • ✅-12 multi-bagger stock recommendations each year backed up with in-depth groundbreaking research and insights.
  • ✅- Discover the potential to achieve 5x-7x times return.
  • ✅-Daily buy/sell calls from on-going Research on recommended companies
  • ✅ Access to discussion forums Join hundred of investors like you

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Stock picks and Recommendations

As an Equitylion Gold member, you will get

  1. One stock recommendation and in-depth equity research reports each month.
  2.  Minimum of 12 stock recommendations each year
  3. Recommendations and reports are based on the value investing principles of Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, Charlie Munger and other prominent value investors.
  4. Companies covered under the service boast of healthy competitive advantages, a robust financial track record, and good dividend payouts.
  5.  As an investor in India, you may not be able to build wealth from the very companies that helped Buffett do so. However many Indian companies generate healthy returns the way the Buffett-type stocks have. After all, while the companies may be different, the approach remains the same. And the qualities that Buffett looked for in companies mentioned in the Berkshire annual reports can certainly be found in a lot of Indian companies as well.

*Note: This service is only applicable for Indian companies listed on BSE and NSE.


DISCOVER MULTIBAGGERS – Aiming for 5x-7x in 5 years!

Our aim is to achieve a total return of 4x-6x over a 5-10 year period.

  • You will get a monthly report which will focus on one stock idea.
  • Depending on the valuations, this stock will either be a “Buy“, “Buy at the lower price“,”Hold” or “Sell“. i.e. when the valuations are more reasonable.
  • In addition to this, you will be informed through reports and mailers if and when the valuations of any stock look expensive from a medium-term perspective.
  • The stocks are diligently analyzed on their financial strength and management quality and only recommended when they are available at a discount to an intrinsic value which is based on sustainable earnings.
  • The tenure of the holding the group of stocks is around 5-10 years
  • The reports are published on or before the first Monday of every month.

*Note: This service is only applicable for Indian companies listed on BSE and NSE.

8 Part Analysis

Each stock report consists of a 8 part analysis.Every report is broken down into 8 sections to thoroughly analyze the stock. Further to this, each report goes through our stringent checklists to give you the highest quality of research and recommendation.
  1. Introduction and Company Facts.
  2. Industry and competitive analysis.
  3. Indian Economy, Government Policies, and impact on the company.
  4. Analysis of the business Model of the company.
  5. Future growth projections.
  6. Analysis of Financial Statements.
  7. Valuation.
  8. Recommendation and Target price.

*Note: This service is only applicable for Indian companies listed on BSE and NSE.


Get Daily buy/sell Calls from on-going Research for listed on NSE and BSE.

  • Access to the latest views on the top stocks across sectors at the fingertips.
  • Get the Buy and Sell limits for the recommended stocks depending upon the valuations at any given point of time.
  • Benefit from daily price movements
  • Take follow-up actions even months after the research report is published.


*Note: This service is only applicable for Indian companies listed on BSE and NSE.


Get Acess to our discussion forum on Indian equities.

  • Join Hundreds of Investors like you to discuss investments and gain insights.
  • Ask our editor follow up questions on recommended stocks.
  • Request a valuation and report on a company you have identified.


*Note: This service is only applicable for Indian companies listed on BSE and NSE.


Our Founder and Analyst

Aditya Mehta

Aditya Mehta is a serial entrepreneur and investor. He is an alumnus MBA from the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, with a Major in Finance and Strategic Management. Aditya has over ten years of experience in the Stock market and Marketing. He helps investors and companies on sustainable business models in the start-up arena. He is a registered SEBI independent Research Analyst.

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